Mẫu Biên Bản Nghiệm Thu Tiếng Anh

Dưới đây là một mẫu biên bản nghiệm thu công trình tiếng Anh, bao gồm các phần thông tin chung, mô tả công trình, kết quả nghiệm thu, nhận xét và đánh giá, và kết luận:

Construction Acceptance Report

Project Name: [Project Name]
Project Location: [Project Location]
Project Owner: [Project Owner]
Contractor: [Contractor]
Date of Acceptance: [Date]

I. General Information

  1. Project Overview:
    • Project Name: [Project Name]
    • Project Location: [Project Location]
    • Project Owner: [Project Owner]
    • Contractor: [Contractor]
    • Architect/Engineer: [Architect/Engineer]
    • Contract Number: [Contract Number]
    • Project Start Date: [Start Date]
    • Project Completion Date: [Completion Date]

II. Project Description

  1. Scope of Work:
    • Description of the construction project, including its purpose and objectives.
    • Overview of the project’s components, such as buildings, infrastructure, and systems.
  2. Materials and Specifications:
    • Description of the materials used in the construction, including their specifications and compliance with relevant standards.
    • Details of the design specifications and technical requirements.

III. Acceptance Results

  1. Completed Work:
    • Summary of the completed work within the project.
    • Detailed list of the completed components, systems, and infrastructure.
  2. Outstanding Items:
    • Identification of any incomplete or pending work.
    • List of outstanding items that need further attention or completion.

IV. Comments and Evaluation

  1. Quality Assessment:
    • Evaluation of the overall quality of the construction project.
    • Assessment of workmanship, materials, and compliance with technical specifications.
  2. Compliance and Non-compliance:
    • Identification of any non-compliance issues or deviations from the specified requirements.
    • Assessment of the impact of non-compliance and recommendations for corrective measures.

V. Conclusion

In conclusion, the construction acceptance report confirms the completion of the [Project Name] project. The project has been evaluated for quality and compliance with the specified requirements. While the majority of the work has been successfully completed, there are a few outstanding items that require attention. The contractor is advised to promptly address these items to ensure the project’s successful handover to the project owner.

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